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Comprehensive Clinic
Individual and Family Therapy

The BYU Comprehensive Clinic offers affordable counseling services for individuals, couples, and families in Utah County. The Clinic functions as a research and training facility. Counseling is provided by graduate student interns under the close supervision of experienced faculty who are licensed therapists. In addition to therapy, the clinic offers various psychological assessments.

Recent Clinic Highlights

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Three benefits to joining a support group or therapy group during the winter months.
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To sign up to participate in this group call 801-422-7759
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Healthy coping is being aware of your thoughts and emotions and intentionally implementing strategies to process them.
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The right amount of exposure to the sun provides vitamin D, supports bone health, lowers blood pressure, and strengthens mental health.
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The BYU Comprehensive Clinic is primarily a learning facility for students obtaining graduate degrees in Social Work, Clinical Psychology, and Marriage and Family Therapy through Brigham Young University. Clinicians at the Clinic are not able to see people who have a history of extreme suicidal tendencies, addiction, self-harm, or who need counseling by order of court mandate.