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Groups are 10-week programs that provide a space to gather with others who have experienced similar life situations to receive counseling together from one of our trained professionals.
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Multicultural/BIPOC Student Support Group

Join Vanessa Ratunuman, Ivana Borba, and Fatma Luka as they lead a therapy group for Multicultural and BiPOC Student Group. This is a place where students of color in Utah County can feel safe to discuss their experiences.

“We want students to walk away from this group feeling like they actually have a support system at BYU or that they can now add new people into their support system. We also hope to help students to process whatever kind of experiences they have had and to help students develop coping skills when they encounter triggers or racist experiences. “  - Vanessa Ratunuman

This group will start on Monday, January 9th, at 6 pm at 1190 E 900 N Provo, UT. To read more about this group visit our blog:

There will be a one-time fee of $15 for students not currently attending Brigham Young University. For more information and to sign up call: 801-422-775

Interpersonal Process Group

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The goal is to allow group members to gain interpersonal insight and receive support/feedback. The theory behind this approach to therapy assumes that many aspects of mental health are directly related to interpersonal functioning, for example, if you feel lonely (have no meaningful relationships in your life) you are likely to feel depressed and anxious.
Aileen Rands
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