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Relationship Checkups

Child and Family Checkup

The BYU Comprehensive Clinic offers free child and family checkups for couples and individuals with children. The checkup will include three to five free 50-minute sessions with a Marriage and Family graduate intern. Sessions will include a parent interview, child free play, child directed play, and family attachment assessment. In the last session, the family will receive feedback including interpretation of assessment results and a family discussion of strengths and areas for improvement in the family.

Marital and Pre-marital Checkup

Marital and Pre-Marital checkups are for married or engaged couples. They may include three to five 50-minute sessions with a Marriage and Family graduate intern which can consist of structured discussion, interviews, and take-home questionnaires. This is followed by a discussion of relationship strengths and areas for improvement. Call (801) 422-7759 to sign up for the checkup.