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5 Fresh and Easy Ways to Strengthen your Relationship Today

It's Valentine's Day! Here are some ideas to make today memorable.

It’s Valentine’s Day! Sometimes when holidays
like this roll around, it can be hard to know how
to make the most of them or how to give your
significant other something that will mean
something to them and add to your relationship
as a whole.

couple embracing on the beach

The good news is that Valentine's Day
is the perfect opportunity to strengthen
your connection with the one you love.
Here are five things you can do today to
come closer together:

1) Relate Assessment
The Relate Assessment on Relate Institute
only costs $20 per person ($40 per couple).
Founded in research, it has over 200 questions
to help you understand where you’re at in
your relationship. Take this assessment with
your spouse to learn how to strengthen your
marriage or with your boyfriend or girlfriend
to make sure you’re on the same page:

2) Love Languages Quiz
Have you ever felt like you’re just not
connecting with your significant other the
way you wish you could? Although not based
in research, the 5 Love Languages quiz is a fun
way to get an idea of things that you and your
loved one can do to help each other feel more
loved and valued:

3) Get Educated
As stated in the article below, we often put an
emphasis on marriage counseling to fix problems
that already exist in a relationship. However,
preventative education and work is often more
effective that treatment of relationship issues. As
described in the article from the Relate Foundation
below, get educated about what makes a marriage

4) Work on a project or read a book together
If you’re starting to feel like you and your
significant other are drifting apart and losing your
common interests, find something to work on together.
Marriages often start to suffer when they become
nothing more than two separate people living in the
same house. Pick a project that will give both of you a
sense of accomplishment and carve out time each day
or week to work on it together. Ideas include reading
a marriage education book, working on housing projects,
or doing community service together.

5) Free Relationship Check-Up at
the BYU Comprehensive Clinic
Lastly, if you want to make sure that your
relationship stays strong, take some time to check
your relationship vitals and work on anything
that could be endangering the health of your
relationship. The BYU Comprehensive Clinic offers
free relationship check-ups to help you do just that.
A relationship check-up can treat issues and help
you do preventative work at the same time.
Call (801) 422-7759 and mention this blog post for
an intake or click the link below to learn more:

Whatever you decide to do today with the one you
love, enjoy it and cherish the journey of creating a
stronger relationship together! Happy Valentine’s Day!