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How to Relieve Anxiety about COVID 19

The past few weeks have been a whirlwind of panic, changes, and uncertainty. Many people all over the world are beginning to feel the anxiety of not knowing whether they are well-enough prepared or how the Corona Virus will affect them. Empty store shelves and a mix of sarcastic memes and serious warnings in social media can contribute to uncertainty.

So how can you ease the anxiety for loved ones and yourself?

What to Know

Knowing the facts can help you to eliminate unfounded suspicion and catastrophic thinking. Some content online right now is saying "Don't panic!" while other information such as the recent canceling of BYU on-campus classes, the Church's decision to suspend all church meetings, and the endless photos of empty paper goods aisles can increase fears. However, for most people with healthy immune systems, the Corona Virus will be no more than what some are calling a "bad cold."

In other words, the reason why such extensive precautions are being taken is that the best way to stop the virus is to minimize human contact. The virus spreads person-to-person and by contact with infected respiratory droplets (coughing or sneezing). Slowing the spread of the virus will reduce the pressure on healthcare facilities.

Although this virus is very contagious, the best way to avoid it is by washing your hands especially before eating or touching your face (which should be something we all do anyway). For more information on the virus and how to avoid it, visit the Center for Disease Control and Prevention's webpage about the Corona Virus.


Make sure to wash your hands for at least 20 seconds before eating or touching your face. (image by

Continue to seek out relevant, up-to-date, accurate information.

What to Do

Be prepared with enough food and necessities to last you about 2 weeks in the case that you do need to stay inside.

Don't panic. The word "quarantine" might sound scary, but the purpose is simply to keep everyone as healthy as possible and to slow the progression of the illness. It's a safety precaution. Try making a list of the benefits of staying inside and things that you can work on that you may not have been able to work on before. Reducing the hysteria will help us get through this safely and calmly. The calmer we are, the fewer issues the illness will cause.

Try to stay in a routine as much as possible. Just because changes have been made to schools and many businesses, your life does not have to go on pause. Maintain your mental and overall health by doing what you can to revive the consistency in you and your family's life. This will help everyone to stay calm and even enjoy the extra time together. If you can't be with your family at the moment, utilize technology and video chat with them or give them a phone call.

Although it may seem like we have no control over what is happening all over the world at the moment, we can reduce anxiety by realizing that we do have control over many aspects of the situation. We can choose to wash our hands, prepare ourselves, and take whatever precautions necessary in a calm manner as to slow the spread of the illness and eliminate unnecessary fear.